Coronado Standard Poodles Reg'd

In Loving Memory

We Remember Them

In the rising of the sun and in it’s going down,
We remember them;
In the blowing of the wind and the chill of winter,
We remember them;
In the opening of the buds and in the warmth of summer,
We remember them;
In the rustling of the leaves and the beauty of autumn,
We remember them;
In the beginning of the year and when it ends,
We remember them;
When we are weary and in the need of strength,
We remember them;
When we are lost and sick at heart,
We remember them;
When we have joys we yearn to share,
We remember them;
So long as we live, they too shall live,
For they are now a part of us as
We remember them.

_______”Gates of Prayer”

Ch. Averina Crystalton So Coronado “Sophie”

Sophie was our daughter Kirsten’s Standard Poodle. She was a best friend and treasured member of the family, who helped our grandson learn to walk. He would pull himself up by hanging on to her hair. Sophie would take a step, Keegan would take a step, and before we knew it, he was walking.

Sophie passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 12 and .

Can.Am. Ch Acajun RUNVS T.P.

Envy was a “people person”; a very outgoing social butterfly. She was a high energy, high drive girl who loved to leap into the air to retrieve airborn toys.We liked to tell Envy that she was the most fun possible, on 4 legs. One of her favorite pranks, was to sneak up behind me and nip me on the bottom, dancing with glee, when I shrieked.

Envy taught me that dogs never spend a single moment of life feeling sorry for themselves.I learned this when Envy leaped up to catch a toy, just 48 hours after having lost an eye to a tumor. While I watched this, with tears welling up in my eyes, Envy gave me a grin and a look that said “Get over it, Mom. I’m still beautiful and I can still do EVERYTHING”.

Envy loved to show off, which was fun at home and of great benefit in the show ring.

Like 3 of her littermates, Envy was a Group winner from the classes in heavy American competition and a Puppy Group Winner and Multiple Group placer, in Canada.

We’re grateful that several of Envy’s children and her granddaughter are here with us.

“Shatter my heart, to create a new room to hold limitless love”…Rumi

Love is eternal.

Sellson’s Charming Champagne CDX, Toy Poodle

Champagne was our daughter Kirsten’s first Junior handling dog and our first Obedience title holder. Kirsten handled Champagne to her CD and I, Mom, trained and trialed Champagne to her CDX, and trained her in Utility..I scarcely remember the training part ,so I suspect that Champie read the training manuals, when I wasn’t looking.
Speed , and enthusiasm were Champie’s hallmarks at trials ,where she earned the nickname:
“The White Tornado”.

Ch. Averina’s Two T Fruti CD , Standard Poodle, Group Winner

After twenty years of being owned by Toy Poodles,Two T was our first Standard Poodle, and first Champion, owner handled..
Two T came to us in 1987, and so it began : our journey with our beautiful teachers.
It was Two T’s responsibility, to teach me how to train her, so that everything could seem to be Two T’s idea. Two T also had to teach me how to honor and cherish a Standard Poodle’s sense of humor.It was a big job, but she was successful.What a great girl !

Ch. Coronado’s Rockaberry Cooler CD, Miniature Poodle, Group Placer

Cooler was actually a 13 inch boy from a Toy Poodle breeding. What a surprise.In any case, Kirsten and I had fun ,taking turns ,showing him to his championship.
I trained Cooler to his CD in our kitchen and driveway.He aced his title in three straight trials. He was a very clever boy, as well as being sweet and affectionate.

Ch. Capriana Lady Roxanne CD TT VC Standard Poodle

Roxanne had Poodley personality plus.For starters , she thought that she was a sister to our daughters, who liked to put make up on Roxanne and dress her up.
This lead to her incessant modeling and posing in mirrors, around the house.The glass in the oven door would do, in a pinch.
Roxanne was a darling and her engaging Poodliness could not be forgotten,or done without. Roxanne continued to be an inspiration, after her passing, as the desire to recapture her personality , has influenced several breeding choices.

Can. Ch. Averina Coronado Incognito TT TP Standard Poodle, Multi Group Winner

Nito and I made great memories together in the show ring. He was a puppy Champion, Multiple Puppy Group Winner, Group winner as a puppy , Multiple Group Winner and placer , as an adult and #5 Standard Poodle in Canada in 1993.
Nito was the sire of 8 champion offspring.
He had huge heart ,character and intelligence. Nito radiated confidence.We used to say that it was Nito’s world, and we were welcome to join.He loved his collection of squeaky pigs, and he loved kids. And we loved Nito.

Can. Ch. Wycliffe Randon Willow TP, Standard Poodle, Puppy Group Winner

Willow was a very devoted companion, who loved to quietly lean against her people, whether sitting beside us, or sleeping on the bed.
Willow had two litters and was a very natural and no nonsense mother.
Her way of being, is well captured in this poem, which I like to call “Willow’s poem”

Go With Muddy Feet

When you hear dirty story, wash your ears.
When you see ugly stuff, wash your eyes.
When you get bad thoughts, wash your mind.
And go with muddy feet.

_ Nanao Sakaki

Can. Ch. Coronado Esplendido CD TT VC Standard Poodle High in Class winner in Obedience

Deeds was the son of Nito and Roxanne. A singleton puppy, he was our entire first litter in Standard Poodles.He was hand raised and bottle fed, which made for a tremendous bond between Deeds and I.
Deeds was very clever ( he could open any gate or door),with an engaging personality and a great sense of humor.He made me laugh out loud, every single day of his life.
Deeds loved to poke furry squeaky toys, with his nose, in order to make them squeak.
I’ll never forget the time that he spied a toddler in a pink furry snowsuit. He dashed over, poked her gently in the tummy, with his nose,then looked at me with a dismayed expression, as if to say “Big toy doesn’t squeak.It’s broken”.
I taught Deeds, with a clicker, to ring a push top bell. I did regret that, as he rang the bell every time that he wanted me to look at him.Who was training whom?
Deeds was DNA color tested and carried the recessive gene for white coat color, and so was not bred as we had decided to breed for dominant black coat color.
In his last summer, Deeds helped me to pick raspberries, which he grew to enjoy eating. He passed away peacefully,in his sleep at the great age of 15.
I miss him, every day.

Can. Ch. Coronado Alexina Standard Poodle Group Placer

Alexina was named for my mother’s best friend, a beautiful and gracious French Canadian lady, Alexina Lesveque Noble.The human Alexina had said that she would be the godmother to all of my Poodles.She was very dear.
The Poodle Alexina ,was the daughter of Nito and Willow.
She was very energetic , athletic and incredibly clever.Alexina learned to ring a push top bell, simply by watching me teach that trick to Deeds.
She was very natural and no nonsense , like her mother and loved to spend summer days digging holes to China.
Alexina was a character.

Can. Ch. Coronado Espree Jubilee Standard Poodle Group Placer

“All I know of spirit ,is this love” Rumi

Regine was a very beautiful and very sweet girl, who tragically left us, far too soon.

Can. Ch. Coronado Crystalton Dion TP Standard Poodle

“You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you” Rumi

Dion was Ron’s special baby girl. She was exquisite and petite , a joy to show and an especially affectionate and devoted companion.
Dion was very serene and peaceful.Quiet times shared with the three generations: Willow, Dion and Margaret Rose were special times.

Can. Ch. Averina’s Just For Crystalton TP Standard Poodle Multiple Group Winner

Justine was a heart healer and kindred spirit. She was the skin around my heart.Every minute of every day, with Justine was special.
She and I did make great memories together in the show ring,too, especially a hat trick weekend of 3 Group Firsts.
Justine’s nickname was Miss Thing, soon shortened to “Ting”.
When she was expecting her only litter, Justine’s nickname became “Ting and a Half”.

Justine was very social and every visitor to our home was given the same “Justine Greeting”.It went like this:
“ Come sit on the couch and let me lounge across your lap, so that I may paw your face, gaze into your eyes and properly adore you”.

We were inseparable.
I loved you so, Justine. Thank you for the years, that were a piece of heaven on earth.

I’d like to pay tribute to our wonderful cat “Kitten” who loved to ride on my shoulder while I did gardening or household chores. She always followed along, when we walked the Poodles. Kitten was a beloved member of our “pack” for 22 great years.

“Love is all there is”

Love is Eternal

“Shatter my heart , to create a new room, to hold limitless love” Rumi




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