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Andrew & June

In the words of poet and author Coleman Barks:

“Dogs are our teachers, with their faithfulness, their humility and their bounding unqualified welcome, when we come home. The wordless intimacy of how we are, with those beings, teaches us to give ourselves, wholeheartedly”.

Our Poodles , for over 40 years, have been our beautiful teachers of being , showing by example, how to love unconditionally, with compassion, and be in the moment.
Sharing a life of love and joy, with our Poodles has been an ongoing blessing.

Our Standard Poodles go beyond the show ring, to participate in Pet Therapy Programs, Rally Obedience and Agility. They are devoted, loving companions to their human partners.

The Standard Poodle is an old and noble breed, which merits dedicated preservation.

We intend to give back to the Poodle by commiting to stewardship in breeding practices.
Health , beauty, correct structure , sound movement and outstanding temperaments are
our priorities.
Health testing is a must. Results of health tests are posted by each Poodle’s picture and pedigree.
Those tests are OFA for Hips, CERF for eyes, DNA for VwD, Skin punch Biopsies for S.A., and Thyroid panels.
DNA testing for coat color is done.
Our boys are not offered at public stud.

Our puppies are raised in a loving, family home environment.
Puppy aptitude (temperament) testing is done at 7 weeks of age.
It is a requirement that puppies sold as pet/companions be spayed or neutered.

We believe in preserving and protecting the heritage and integrity of purebred dogs, especially the Poodle. Please click on this link for an interesting article about the regrets felt by one of the founders of a designer dog. (link opens in a new window)

I would like to thank other breeders who have helped me in various ways over the years:

Jean Turner of Thistledee Toy Poodles and Thistledee Keeshonds, who passed on her obsession with tail sets and taught me how to read pedigrees, so many decades ago.

Heather Albritton of Averina Standard Poodles, who sold me my first Standard, Two T.

Carol Graham of Crystalton Standard Poodles, who taught me so much about grooming 

Peggy McDill of Espree Standard Poodles, who shared her philosophy on   stud dogs, and generously, at stud, her lovely dog, Frasier.

Sandy Cairns of Shisaido Siberian Huskies, a long time friend, who mentored me in the science and art of planning pedigrees

Jean Lyle of Wycliffe Standard Poodles, breeder of our wonderful girl, Willow.

Patty Moulthrop of Blue Skies Standard Poodles, with whom friendship goes beyond our shared love of Standard Poodles.

The Coronado Standard Poodles live with June and Ron Thompson, on an acreage, east of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Member in good standing of: 
Red Deer and District Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
Poodle Club of Canada
Poodle Club of America








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