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Ludivina's Way

Reiki for Animals

There is a story behind the name “Ludivina’s Way” and the lighthouse logo.

My paternal great, great grandparents, George Clay McConnell, and Ludivina Dempster
McConnell, emigrated from Scotland to Miscou Island, New Brunswick, where George installed the working light and became the first light keeper at the Miscou Point Light house, now a national historic site.

My grandmother, Ludivina McConnell Marks was born in that lighthouse.
Ludivina means “divine light”. My grandmother was a great lover of animals and
a very caring woman who was a strong influence on my life.

It is in honor of my grandmother and great great grandmother , that I’ve named my practice of Reiki for animals, “Ludivina’s Way”

I became a Reiki Master Teacher so that I could provide energetic healing to animals, and encourage and help their human partners to, themselves, provide Reiki to their animals.

Reiki is an energetic form of healing which removes blockages, emotional trauma , promotes stress reduction and deep relaxation.Reiki stimulates the animal’s own healing process, of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki can be provided hands on, or by long distance.

I believe that I am meant to do this unconditionally, in love and gratitude to the animals.

Animals show us by example , how to live in the moment, how to be joyful and how to forgive. They offer unconditional love and emotional healing , to all of humanity.

Recommended reading:

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Hands on Healing for Pets: The animal lover’s essential guide to using healing energy By Margrit Coates

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