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"We only want a pet" This phrase is heard so often.

I think what most people do not understand is that "just a pet" has to be as close as possible to the written breed standard as the show dog. The most important thing that makes a good pet is over all good health. This includes mental health (good temperament and personality) as well as physical health. For good physical health a puppy needs a strong immune system. Proper structure and movement are also necessary so the bones and joints do not develop problems later in life (such as Hip Dysplasia or loose Patellas).

"Just a pet" should be the dogs in a well bred healthy litter that may have minor faults in structure that are strictly of cosmetic value.

Perhaps a slightly rounder eye than desired in the breed ring, or a tail carried slightly lower or higher than perfect. It may be a personality conflict since sometimes the most perfectly structured and moving dog just does not have that moving out strut your stuff look at me aren't I beautiful attitude needed for the "show dog" to be truly competitive, yet is the ideal mellow pup to be the perfect family companion.

"Just a pet" should not be a dog of inferior breeding, poor conformation, poorly raised or of bad temperament, but should be as well bred, socialized, properly fed & carefully nurtured as the finest show dog to give you the best possible family companion. We do not breed dogs specifically to show, We breed beautiful healthy dogs for you to enjoy as family companions, obedience, rally & agility competitors and to work with as therapy dogs. We do the best we can to provide the healthiest dogs possible, both mentally and physically. for those of you who want "just a pet".

Thank you to

Joy Cenicola from La Strega Kennel for her permission allowing me to use her "Just A Pet"

2002 litter
2002 Litter

2004 litter
2004 Litter

Coronado's Bijou de la Couronne Keegan, with Edward at 3 1/2 months of age
Robbie at his  Dad's desk Robbie at his dads desk
Lloyd, and  Lisanne with their puppy Robbie, at 10 months of age Robbie at his Dad's desk
Marianne and Rigolo Iris and Ralphie
Marianne with Rigolo. He is the son of Persi and Cindy Harvey's lovely girl, Diana. We love that Rigolo's. grandma Envy's portrait on agate is over Marianne’s shoulder. Marianne carrying Rigolo. A picture of bliss.
Iris and Ralphie
Iris and her best pal, Ralphie the French Bulldog.

Sachi with her 8 puppies, born February 24, 2011 



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