Coronado Standard Poodles Reg'd


Taj Taj is an Indian name, which means “jewel”.
He is a treasure, this delightful , charming boy.
Taj is sound, elegant, pretty, with floating reach and drive.

TajHe became a Champion at 8 months of age, earning 3 Best Puppy in Group wins.
Taj spends his spare time at shows, winning friends among the spectators.He leans up against strangers, giving them adoring glances, and kisses every child he meets.
Ok, I confess, Taj has climbed into the lap of a stranger, at ringside.

I look forward to a time, in the future , when Taj can follow in his mother’s footsteps, doing Therapy Dog work

Taj Date of Birth : February 24, 2011

Taj’s testing to date:

DNA Clear of VWD, by Vet Gen
Eyes, CERF normal, November 2011
DNA ChromaGene, color BBEE ,by Vet Gen
Color : Black .Does not carry brown, cream-white-red –apricot genes

BIS Am. Can. Ch. Topiary Just Freddy CD, RN , RA BIS BISS Am. Can Ch. Alias Just Give Me That Wink BIS BISS Am. Can Ch. Carrington Alias Classic BIS BISS Can Am. Ch.Alias Desmond Kenyon
BIS Can Am Ch. Lemerle Lite My Fire
Am. Ch. Wink's She's Got That Look Am. Ch. Litilann's Roland Of Shelzar
Am. Ch. Markan Good Girls Don't
Can. Ch. Topiary Temptation BIS Am. Can Ch. Vetset Forever Young Am. Ch. Kaylen's Cadillac Style
Can. Ch. Ascot Nice n Naughty Vetset
Can. Ch. Topiary Ballet of Maenell Am. Ch. Aftermath Come Dance with Me
Am. Ch. Maenell Rosie O' Grady
Can Ch. Coronado Espree Blue skies AHA , SJA Pet Therapy Dog Am. Can Ch. Coronado Espree Unbridled SJA Pet Therapy Dog, CGN, RN Am. Ch. Espree Terra Firma Am. Ch. Teller's Key Investment
Am. ch. Espree Mea Culpa
Can. Ch. Coronado Crystalton Dion BIS BISS Am. Can. Ch. Averina's David Difiabon
Can. Ch. Wycliffe Randon Willow
Am. Can Ch. Acajun RUNVS BIS BISS Am. Ch. Aleph Blue Skies Outrageous Am. Ch. Penhurst Essence Erasure
Am. Ch. El's Image of Belle
Can. Ch. Averina's Just for Crystalton BIS Am. Can Ch. Averina's Precocious Pete
Can. Ch. Averina's Natalia





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